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Raamattu Puhuu (Bible speaks / Greater Grace) -church is a living, Bible believing, Christian church. In our teaching we emphasize the redemptive work of Christ and the significance of grace in believer’s life. You are welcome to take part in our work and grow in the knowledge of God.

Raamattu Puhuu churches in Finland:
Salo, Turku, Helsinki, Jyväskylä, Kuopio, Tampere, Vaasa

International Greater Grace Church (ggwo.org)

Raamattu Puhuu Salo (Greater Grace Church Salo) support Free Grace Alliance and Finland’s GO movement.


  1. Sinfulness of man
    The whole humanity is fully sinfull before God and unable to earn salvation.
  2. Substitutionary death of Jesus
    Jesus, Son of God, died for all the people of the world, paying for their sins.
  3. The bodily resurrection of Jesus
  4. God’s righteous judgement
    Eternal life for the saved, eternal damnation to lost.
  5. Salvation
    Salvation is by grace, through faith, without one’s own Works.
  6. Eternal salvation
    One who is saved, will never lose his salvation. God’s child cannot lose his position as child, but he can be disciplined, if he continues to live in sin.
  7. Inspiration
    The Bible is completely inspired by God. This inspiration covers every word and letter in the original texts. It guarantees that Bible is inerrant. The Bible is the final declaration of God, and there are no other scriptures which are inspired in the same way.
  8. Trinity
    One God existing in three persons. The Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit each have all attributes of divinity, yet are different persons.
  9. The person of Jesus
    Jesus was born of a virgin and lived a sinless life. He was at the same time both fully God and fully man. His human and divine nature were not mixed with each other.
  10. The Holy Spirit
    The Holy Spirit, Who is the third Person of the Godhead, convicts the world of sin, righteousness and judgement, and unites man to Jesus Christ by faith. We believe the Holy Spirit baptizes, regenerates, seals, indwells and fills all believers at the moment of salvation. Subsequent filling by the Holy Spirit is dependant on personal walk of faith.
  11. Church
    Every born-again believer is part of global body of Christ. The purpose of local church is to edify believers and evangelize.
  12. Water baptism
    We go to baptism after we become believers. Baptism itself does not cause forgiveness of sins, but faith in Jesus does.
  13. Holy communion
    We have communion to honor the substitutionary death of Jesus.
  14. The judgement seat of Christ
    Immediately after rapture, the church comes to be judgement seat of Christ. This judgement does not lead to eternal damnation, but here God rewards believers for their walk on earth.
  15. Angels
    All angels, both holy and fallen, are created by God and they each have personality. Satan is a fallen angel, whom God originally created good, but who fell, by his own will.
  16. The second coming of Jesus
    Jesus will come to rapture His congrucation to heaven before the time of tribulation, during which God will pour out His wrath on earth. This tribulation will end when Jesus comes physically to earth to establish Millenium Kingdom.
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